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Bernard Hope has continuously been involved in education for 46 years, firstly as a teacher, then as an educational consultant and is currently involved in confidential educational work relating to examinations.

He has also given a great deal of his time “educating” the general public on many of his favourite interests. At the end of 2017 he caculated that given historical talks to nearly 700 groups and organisations.

“Spare” time is very limited in Bernard’s life and work commitments prevent him taking bookings from late April through to the end of August. His diary is already quite full for 2018 and he is now taking bookings for 2019. 



Many organisations have booked Bernard since he started giving talks in May 2010 and none of them have been disappointed.

The talks are on various subjects and are accompanied by a colourful PowerPoint presentations. The slides and the sound effects add another dimension to the talk.  It's not so much a talk, but an audio visual experience!

 This website contains a great deal of information about these talks, background on Bernard and other interesting sections. Groups are asked to leave a comment on the Guestbook/Comment page if they have found a particular talk interesting. Many have left very complimentary remarks. This in turn gives other Speaker Finders the confidence to book Bernard.

Please book well in advance to secure a booking. Due to work and holiday commitments Bernard is not available in late April, May, June, July and August.

Fees are negotiable and based on the size of the group as well as travelling distance/time to and from the group.

Bernard would appreciate a prompt start to his talk rather than sitting through minutes of your last meeting, various reports given by various members, your plans for the future, etc.

This will allow him to leave promptly allowing the group to continue with its important business.


To make a booking go to the "Booking a Talk" page on this website.





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